Monarch/fiend Stun

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Monarch/fiend Stun Empty Monarch/fiend Stun

Post by {Judgment} Gabo on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:58 am

This combo takes multiple turns and is quite hard to pull off, but once you get it, it's nearly impossible to get past it unless you want your opponent to good so you don't attack. But the strategy is: You have 1 Vanity's fiend, 1 Majesty's fiend, 2 March of the monarch and 2 Royal Decree. You can extend this to like 3 Vanity's, 2 Majesty's, 3 March, 2 Decree. But that would take forever and a perfect hand, I'm just saying the easier way. The only way they could beat it is to set spirit reapers and tribute 2 for blue-eyes or something. But honestly, what deck are you going to see that in? I've made this combo at locals before, I won (obviously). So this is a great focus to a deck and isn't THAT hard to pull off. I'll admit it's a pain but, definitely worth it.
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