A Guide to deal with Extra Deck Problems

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A Guide to deal with Extra Deck Problems Empty A Guide to deal with Extra Deck Problems

Post by JohnTien on Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:21 am

A Guide to deal with Extra Deck Problems:
Specifically cards and combos to keep the monsters summoned from the Extra Deck in check.
Now the reason I post this is because I keep seeing alot of people on Dueling Network with the "No Extra Deck", "No Syinchro/Xyz", ect. discription. This is likely due to people getting frustrated with "over-powered" effects of said monsters. (Trust me I understand how you feel) However putting a few of these (not all mind you) into your deck could level the playing field a bit.

Negate/Prevent Special Summons:
Vanity's Emptiness: Nothing says no to the Extra Deck like this trap
Thunder King Rai-Oh: Tribute this guy to negate a Special Summon
Black Horn of Heaven: A handy trap when your opponent Special Summons one card at a time
Stealswarm Roach: For those of you who like Xyz monsters, this guy can negate a Special Summon of a lvl 5+ monster twice

Anti-Xyz Cards:
Space Cyclone: Removes a Xyz material from a monster
Kurivolt: Detach an opponent's Xyz Material and summon another one!
Overlay Owl: Detach a Xyz material at the cost of 600 lp
Red-Headed Oni: For Zombie decks who hate Xyz
Xyz Encore: Returns the Xyz monster to the Extra Deck and summons the Xyz material monsters back to the field with reduced levels

I'm sure I'm missing some cards that would also help and as new cards get added to the game some of them might help also, so if anybody sees a card not on this list be sure to post it here.

Happy Dueling!

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